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What we do

TriBike Transport offers quite simply the market leading triathlon bike transportation service, eliminating the worry and stress of transporting your bike, leaving you free to concentrate on your race preparation. 

Standard Bike Delivery Service from Ireland and UK

A highly flexible and convenient service, we will transport your fully assembled bike from one of our 30 locations throughout the UK & Ireland

How it works

Using a fleet of custom designed and adapted vehicles, your fully assembled bike will be professionally racked during transportation at the front fork, frame and rear wheel, with your front wheel placed in a protective wheel bag.  The design and concept of the vehicles are based on pro cycling teams’ method of transporting bikes. 

Transporting your bike fully assembled, removes the stress and hassle there is to disassemble and reassemble your bike before and after the event, and as your bike will be professionally racked in our vehicles, there is no need to adjust any of your personal bike measurements. 

We will also transport a small bag for you to allow you to include your wetsuit, bike shoes, helmet, CO2 cannisters or anything else your would like us transport. There is no need to worry with bated breath at airport check – in as to whether you have to pay extra money for overweight fees or not. At TriBike Transport we realise how important each bike is to every competitor so we will ensure every bike will be fully strapped and secured during transport. This will give you extra piece of mind in the knowledge that all your bike is safe and secure, we want you to save those nerves for race morning!

We collect your bike at the pick up location up to 10 days prior to your race day and guarantee to have your bike at your event registration within a minimum of 3 days before race start. The day after your event we take your bike back off you and transport it back to the same location you dropped it at originally. This means you can enjoy the feeling of completing your event and not have to worry about lugging a bike box across airports with those aching pains and muscles.

On the first drop off of your bike, we will label your bike and bag  To reclaim your bike you must produce your receipt at your event ensuring you and you alone can reclaim the bike unless previously agreed with one of our team members.

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Why Use TriBike Transport?

No stress before your event
No need to disassemble/assemble your bike
Fully insured
Convenient locations in Ireland & UK
Great value
You can book securely using your credit card